Stephanie & Kyle's Wedding

Stepping back to June of 2018, we begin our day at the Four Points hotel in Moncton. Stephanie and her bridesmaids were busy getting ready early on (assuming making mimosa’s counts as getting ready - it totally does). Soon hair and makeup, and mother and father were on site to assist.

At the end we had some fantastic first looks of the radiant bride in her dress. The reactions from her friends and family were priceless!

Somewhere in the middle there, when everyone was in the thick of hair and makeup work, I headed over to see Kyle and his groomsmen (and groomswoman…best lady? I forget the exact terminology that day. Each group seems to come up with their own word 😏).

I delivered the groom’s wedding gift, and then returned to Stephanie with her gift from Kyle when I headed back to the hotel. (us wedding photographers make great couriers on a wedding day!)

Then everyone hit the road for Pollett River to Blueberry Hill Farms for the ceremony and reception. Family were already gathering (and swatting mosquitos) when we all rolled up. Stephanie was whisked away behind the barn by her security detail (I think it was someone’s uncle?).

After some private congratulations from the wedding party immediately after the ceremony, it was time to have a little fun with photos.

During the ceremony, someone forgot to bring their vows with them (I’m not saying who!), so we had a private reading of their written vows with just the wedding party (and me, ever the fly on the wall) present.

Once everyone had been adequately kissed, hugged, and smiled heartwarmingly at on camera, we headed to the barn for their grand entrance into the reception.

Just judging from the momentum the party had when I left, as late as that might have been, I’m pretty sure they were still dancing when I got up the next morning.

Congratulations, Stephanie & Kyle! And thanks for inviting me to be a part of your fantastic day!