Marcia & Johannes' Wedding

Our day begins in Riverview at Casely Park with Johannes and his groomsmen.

"So...are we doing the tank thing? Yeah, we're doing the tank thing."

I don't think I've ever had a group that was quite so happy to have just visited a Tim Horton's. I have to think that it had more to do with it being a cafe of concentrated Canadian identity than the actual quality of the coffee, but they were a bit cagey when I tried to get that answer from them. I guess these Germans were too polite to rain on our coffee ;)

We then headed to Blueberry Hill Farms for the rest of the day's activities/festivities. First came the surprisingly moving first look, which was a sign of things to come for the day, filled to bursting with joy and deep emotions.

The rain had been sprinkling off and on all day, so the ceremony took place inside the barn. Faith and love was shared by many, and two hearts made their promises and became one. And oh boy was everyone happy about it!

Although the clouds never really parted, the rain did finally stop threatening, and we headed outside for the wedding party photos. In between swatting at the mosquitos (spring weddings!) some fantastic moments were shared, and memories were made.

Back inside the beautifully decorated barn, everyone was more than ready to start celebrating (or continue celebrating?). A couple highlights being the enthusiastic bride-led conga line, and the excellent surprise dance choreography of the father-daughter dance.

Everyone was still dancing into the night when I packed up my things to go.

It was an amazing day that will never be forgotten. Congratulations Marcia & Johannes!