Melanie & Lewis' Wedding

The first wedding of 2017!

Well...MY first wedding of 2017. But do all those other ones really matter? ;) Kidding!

It was planned to be a shorter day for me, missing out on the makeup and the reception, in case you end up wondering where those photos went. Which is kinda sad, because I'm left wondering what I missed! I'm sure it was all quite lovely :)

We begin our day with the Lewis and his dashing team of groomsmen. And, of course, their adorable son (the bride and groom's - this isn't Three Men and a Baby).

Then it was off to the Casino Moncton Hotel to see how the ladies were doing. First I had to get some (see: many) shots of the fantastic rings. Eventually everyone was there in the surprisingly spacious hotel room (says the thankful wedding photographer), even their son. I think he must have been following me...

Then we crept out into the 2nd floor lobby for a first look. It may look like the little guy is taking a photo in the fourth shot...and I'll not dispute that claim if it happens to make your day ;)

Shortly thereafter, we moved on to the Thomas Williams House in Moncton for some slightly old fashioned formal photos with the wedding party (and family), since it was surprisingly cold outside (it was SO WARM the weekend before!). Some tomfoolery ensued (thankfully).

Not far away, the wedding guests were already gathering at the Moncton Free Meeting House. As the ceremony began, the sun set in the window behind the pulpit. Although it resulted in some blinding light for the guests and those walking down the aisle, the air was lit with a magical aura as the two exchanged their vows in front of their friends and family.

After the ceremony, I managed to convince them to come out into the cold with me for just a couple sunset shots. I'm always glad when that works out. You almost can't even tell that we're standing in the middle of an old graveyard! Haha. Sorry if I spoiled the ambiance for you. ;)