Megan & David's Wedding

Why not start your wedding day at a spa?

Our day begins at La Spa in Moncton. To be clear, there wasn't really any time for massages or facials, but all the ladies were certainly well taken care of with their hair and makeup. I eventually even sorted out who was in which of the two wedding parties that were present that day (it was early, okay?)

I then headed out to catch up with the guys where they were getting ready at an undisclosed location (which just happened to have David's truck up on jacks in the garage...okay fine, it was their place).

After a small amount of time getting suited up, a moderate amount of time figuring out pocket squares, and then a greater amount of time discussing how his truck may or may not always be up on jacks, the guys, with impeccable style, got into full mechanic mode.

By the time I was done there, the ladies had moved on to the Four Points hotel for dresses and finishing touches. At first I thought the hotel room was strangely tiny, especially with the whole bridal party and family squeezing in.

"Oh, there's a whole other room through that door!"

"Well...yeah...where did you think the bed was?"

"Good point."

At the church, the flower girls were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride to be. Just as they arrived, the expected rain began to sprinkle down, so in heels they expertly ran into the church. (It makes for fun pictures, but secretly I was terrified that someone might roll an ankle before the ceremony ;)

After a beautiful ceremony, it was back out into the light rain to take some family and "formal" photos. I often put that in quotation marks because I try to keep things as informal as possible (and I hope that it often shows!). If you pixel peep real close, you can see the raindrops lighting up from time to time.

We started at a family friend's beautifully adorned yard outside of the city, and then headed downtown to Thomas Williams house to add a little old-fashioned class to our photos.

After that, it was back to the Four Points, where the wedding party burst into the hall with expert dance moves and enthusiastic applause (at least one of these two statements is fully true). Those who had some dirt on the newlyweds, I mean, some heartwarming stories to tell about the happy couple, got up to share their pieces, and then Megan and David got to share their pieces of (cup)cake. Rather fervently, I might add.

We ended the night where we often do: on the dance floor. The bride and groom set the tone, and further heartwarming moments ensued ;)

Congratulations, Megan and David, and thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of the adventure!