Amanda & Chris' Engagement

Sometimes the most beautiful place in the world can be in your own back yard. Or in a back alley in Shediac. At the end of the day (and especially at the end of the day), it's all about the love, the light, and feeling free to live a little.

And so that brings us to Shediac, for Amanda and Chris' beautiful sunset engagement shoot. First, an old tractor, then a tree behind the house, and then we walked down to the water to watch the sunset (or at least I watched the sunset - I'm pretty sure they mostly watched each other 😉).

Having accomplished all of that in a surprisingly short amount of time, we took a drive to downtown Shediac (it was on my way home anyway...I think...maybe) to find something a little bit more urban to top off the evening.

I don't remember if I ever asked them to dance or if they just decided the time was right, but that leads me to our lesson of the day: if you're not quite sure whether or not it's a good time to do so, just dance anyway.

No one has ever said "I wish we hadn't danced under the streetlights that night."

Wesley PerryComment