Kyle & Lisa - Maternity Photography

After some conflicting schedules we had the shoot just a little later than planned. I wasn't terribly worried though, since Lisa still looked like she had a few weeks to go before the little one came knocking. We got up early to catch the sunrise by the river in Riverview. It was a clear -17 degrees, but at least it wasn't windy. To be clear, we were still freezing, and I applaud their efforts at trying not to look like they were turning into icicles ;)

Afterward we went back to their place to warm up, and the sun was streaming through their front window, and I just had to get some unplanned shots there. They turned out to be my favourites of the day, as unexpected things generally are. 

Then they wanted to show me the nursery, which they apologized for being a bit messy. I said there's certainly no need to apologize...and then had an idea:

Oh, and by the way, I was totally wrong about the baby not being ready to go just yet... the next night he decided to make his entrance! Turns out we got the photos in the nick of time!