Shelley & Mathieu ~ Engagement in St. Antoine

Our story begins at the St Antoine fire hall (which apparently is called St Anthony in many online services...but does anyone actually call it that??) In my mind, I was imagining a bright red fire truck, but apparently those are becoming a thing of the past. Shame. He suited up, and then everyone else got their turn in the jacket and hat. I suggested the jacket looked big enough for more than one...and it turns out I was correct!

We then headed out to a hay field, where the sun was beginning to set. The kids played and hid around the hay bales, while we went about finding the light and some laughter. It turned out to be a beautiful evening.

The sun dipped below the horizon, splashing gold across the field, casting long shadows behind the bales as we packed up to head home.

Looking forward to capturing their wedding photos in the summer. I hear there will be even more jeeps present on that day ;)