The Mousetrap Trailer

The time has finally come for another Hubcity Theatre production, and with that, another trailer. I've always looked forward to creating trailers, and now that I've gotten better at the process and it no longer takes weeks, but instead hours, it's a lot of fun.

The advantage of filming a trailer is that you don't need to tell the whole story. Just the best parts. Or at least just the parts that you want to. The hardest part, at times, is choosing what to leave out. Which is pretty much everything. Especially when it comes to a murder mystery like The Mousetrap, you can't give anything away. So for this trailer we used two actors playing roles that they're not actually in for the play, and didn't know a great amount of detail. Which opens up a use of shadow and darkness in a way that I love, without having to worry about losing the details.

Full of cliché? You betcha. This isn't hollywood. This is . . . wait, Hollywood chock full of clichés. My conscience is clear.

The trailer was filmed on a Sony a6000 mostly using the SEL35f18 lens, with a little bit of work done using the SEL18200. Audio recorded using the fantastic Sony ECM-XYST1M hot shoe mic. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.