Everyone learns differently, and everyone has something different to learn. We’ll do things your way as much as possible, and go at your pace. We can talk business, advertising, posing, photography, any aspect of things that you like. We can go over your photos and portfolio, talk about composition and framing, editing styles, or even computer hardware. Am I the right person for the job? I’m a highly technical photographer with a deep knowledge of the physics and technological aspects of photography.

I work primarily as a wedding photographer, but also have experience in commercial, headshots, real estate, and live theatre to name a few. I work with Sony mirrorless cameras, and Godox** system flashes/strobes. If you’re thinking of switching to full frame mirrorless, or investing in some lighting, I’ll definitely have a thing or two to show you.


Coffee Time

We’ll meet at the coffee shop/watering hole of your choosing and talk shop. We can cover anything, from business to tech to practical operation. Bring your camera, bring your manual(s), bring your laptop, and we’ll go over whatever you like. Everyone is is looking for something different, and learns differently, so we’ll cover things whichever way works for you.


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Digital Coffee

Don’t live near Moncton, NB? We can have a Coffee Time over Skype or FaceTime. I just won’t be able to adjust the settings on your camera for you quite so easily from a distance.



Studio Time

We’ll meet up at my small office/studio in Moncton (I do most of my work on the road and at weddings, so it’s a modest space), and go hands on with a pile of equipment. You can bring your own gear and we’ll make it work (if it works), or try out new things.



To get things started, just drop me an email at info@wesperryphotography.com

*For example, this includes the a7 / a9 series’, and a6000 series of cameras.

**For example, this includes the AD600, AD200, V860, TT685, Flashpoint models, StrobePro and other models, as Godox licenses their brand under multiple names.

***gift certificates are available by request.